Do you know about bullys in school? Well if you dont I do and I can tell you they make your life a lot harder than it shoould be. Just today at my school I have been faced with many bullys. I cant stand it why do they do this to so many pepole? At my school every day kids get picked on by the popular kids and being picked on is not fun. imagen this you wake up in the morning and you are happy on the bus you sit by a friend of the opposite gender of you and kids turn aroud and ask if your dateing but your obvosly not. you get to school and walk in with the same friend his/her friends say "ohhhhh are you dateing?"you say no but they dont belive you.after going to your locker you go to the school's library to meet your friends and the firs thin that comes out of thair moth is "what are you whereing?"and evan one says "you might as well die in a whole whereing that" you might say to them this is my style not yours and leave later at lunch you sit by your friends and they just happened to choose a table across from the biggest bullys you know and all lunch they keep comeing to your table to anoy you.later in the hall you pass one of the bullys and they wisper in your ear"ewwwww comit suicide".

So this happens almost every day at school to me and I try my hardest to get through it but as you can see it is very very hard to do. And dont worry I am not gonna commit suicide. But i am changing schools next year and I cant wate for it. I have true friends to and I will miss them alot.